Lightning Round: Kangaroom Video Game Storage Unit

kangaroom1.JPGThe Gadget: Kangaroom (whose cable organizers we've tested before) has a video game storage unit that's designed to be a cheap and space-conscious alternative to an entertainment centre to hold your games, controllers and console. It's also stackable, so you can pile them on each other to form one giant storage center.

The Price: $45 for the game storage unit itself on top, and $75 for the game storage unit plus the drawer on the bottom.

The Verdict: It's a fantastic idea in theory, but in practice the storage unit on top is actually not tall enough to hold either the PS3 or the Xbox 360. You can only fit in a PS2 or a Wii—both horizontally—which makes it kind of a disappointment to next-gen fans. However, the compartment on the right holds both controllers and accessories, which makes it not a total loss.kangaroom2.JPGWhat is really cool is the bottom drawer. Yes, it's just a drawer, but it's nicely divided to separate your games from your accessories. Games fit either vertically or horizontally. The vertical orientation looks nicer, but sucks because you can't take out your games without pulling the drawer all the way out. Horizontal is fine, but becomes awkward when you have games of different sizes (PS3 and Xbox 360 as shown, for example).

kangaroom3.JPGIf they could fix the height problem on the console storage area and give a little bit more depth to the drawer, we'd recommend this outright. But if you're a PS2 player that's looking for somewhere to store your games, $75 isn't all that shabby. [Kangaroom]

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