Lightning Round: Callpod Dragon Bluetooth Headset

dragon2.jpgThe Gadget: The Dragon, a dual-microphone, class 1 Bluetooth headset is made by Callpod, the folks who brought you the Chargepod universal six-way charger. It doesn't only act as a noise-filtering headset, you can actually connect two of them together to enable them to act as a Bluetooth walkie-talkie.


The Price: $119.95

The Performance: Incoming sound was rich and full, but outgoing cellphone sound was only very slightly echoey. The effect we heard gave the listener the feeling that the caller was inside a room. Nothing dramatic, but it was noticeable. It stacked up quite well compared with our current favourite, the nXZEN nX6000, with comparable incoming and outgoing call quality. It's also just as comfortable, with both an in-canal earbud and a hook over the ear for security.

There's even a special Dragon to Dragon walkie-talkie mode that goes for around 100 meters (we got somewhere between 50 and 100, but it was through a wall) that sounds as good as a cellphone call. Might not be useful for you, but Callpod tells us Cirque du Soleil is using it to communicate with performers on stage.

The Verdict: If you've got a need to Bluetooth walkie-talkie yourself around the house while you're not using it as a headset, the Dragon can fit the bill quite nicely. The miniUSB charging port means you can charge it with the included AC adapter, car charger, or even the Chargepod adaptor (nice touch) that it shipped with. Plus, Callpod's got a Phoenix conferencing system coming soon that can join five Dragons together and make calls over a cellphone or Skype. At a price of $119 (which means it's on par with the rest of the Bluetooth headset crowd), it's got great quality with future extendability. [Callpod]

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