Lexus LX 570 Lets You See Around Corners With Front and Side Cameras

SNAG-0000%2011-28-2007.jpgNext year's Lexus LX 570 has got some pretty spiffy tech attached to it — including a visual system that allows you to clock what's going on around, beside and below you while you park or un-park. Its "front-wide view and side monitoring system" consists of little spy cameras, one on the radiator grille, plus a couple situated on the underside of the side mirrors, all of which gives you access to 180º vision via a screen inside the car. AutoSpies made a vid of the system, and you can see it below. Now then, I'm all for snazzy features that may prevent you running down the kids when you return from the Mall's Xmas Meet-n-Greet but, as someone whose last car was an ancient Mercedes 280 SLC bought for $1500, these kind of features leave me a bit cold. [AutoSpies]

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