Lenovo Intros First Penryn Based PCs

lenovothinkstationd10.jpgToday Lenovo unveiled the first computers to use Intel's fast, energy efficient new 45nm Penryn chips. The newly branded ThinkStation D10 and S10 will offer quad core performance along with a "passive venting system" that helps to cool the system quietly.

Further spec details are scarce, but Lenovo did mention that the D10 is outfitted with a 5400 Xeon processor and the S10 with a 3GHz Core 2 Extreme QX9650. They also noted that both computers would use NVIDIA graphics and dual Gigabit Ethernet and multiple slots, bays and USB ports for expandability. Expect the D10 and the S10 to be released this January for $US1,739 and $US1,199 respectively. [Press Release and Electronista]

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