Kite Sailing Katana Yacht Catches Steady Winds From On High

kiteyacht_front.jpgThe higher the altitude, the faster and steadier the wind blows. That's the concept behind this Kite Sailing Katana Yacht, raising a kite high enough to catch winds that might not even exist at the water level. Designed by Stephani Krucke, the yacht is big enough to pamper eight people in the lap o' luxury. Check out the lovely pictures of this sleek vessel.

That kite might get in the way under some conditions, but even if it weren't the sole source of locomotion, on windy days it would still be highly efficient to augment engine power with such a high-flying sail. We think a kite sail like this should be packed on board all vessels, just in case a hapless captain runs out of gas. The Kite Sailing Katana Yacht doesn't exist yet, but aren't these some spectacular renderings? [Yanko Design]


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