Kiss Phone Opens Up New Frontier of Teledildonic Possibilities

kissphone_invention.jpgIn the mad scramble to invent teledildonics devices, an inventor has created a forerunner of the category with the Kiss Phone. Although we're wondering who would want to be seen in public with this odd-looking phone with its downturned mouth that reminds us of a self-masturbation machine, its inventor apparently has high hopes for the design concept. Let's let him explain it:

"This KissPhone detects percussion speed, pressure, temperature, and sucking force of the lips, when you kiss it. An artificial mouth on the phone can reproduces same parameters to the kissphone receptor."

So now you can send and receive kisses from a distance, and even record your favourites for repeated playback. Anything you can do with data, you can now do with a kiss. Imagine that. Wonder what else the Kiss Phone feels like kissing. [Pro Invention]

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