iPod Commercials Give Star Power

rock_stars_wanted.jpgIt's one thing to have your song play on TV during some random commercial. And it's an entirely different thing to have that song play during a commercial for the world's most successful music player. Take these two recent Apple commercial success stories: both bands see tremendous growth almost overnight after premiering in the famous iPod spots: Band: CSS Song: Music is My Hot, Hot Sex Commercial: iPod Touch

Numbers: 340 copies per week ballooned to 2,000 in the first week since the commercial release. It's also number 15 on iTunes and 5 on iTunes ringtones. And the song has broken into the Pop 100 chart.

Band: Feist Song: 1234 Commercial: 3 gen iPod Nano

Numbers: Feist originally debuted strong, but averaged around 6,000/week. Then in the weeks following the Nano campaign, sales grew to 14,000 first week, 19,000 the second, 28,000 the third and 20,000 the fourth. It was a first month bonus of nearly 60,000 sales and cumulative bonus of about 130,000.

Now to get my demo tape on stage at the next keynote... [sfgate]

Photo by Brett Rogers (http://www.beatcanvas.com)

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