iPhone Firmware Drops Tomorrow, Apple Confirms

iphone_sideshot22.jpgIf you been scampering about with all kinds of jailbroken applications on your iPhone, the party will be over tomorrow when Apple releases its 1.1.2 iPhone firmware update. At first we heard it was going to be included on the new European iPhone, but now word has it that Apple has confirmed that the 1.1.2 firmware will be released internationally via iTunes tomorrow (November 9th).

Although Apple wasn't confirming that compatibility with unauthorized applications and unlocked iPhones will be broken, it looks like the situation will be similar to what happened last time the company released a firmware update with version 1.1.1. This new update won't bring much new stuff, except support for more languages and access to The Cloud Wi-Fi hotspots for UK users. And so another round of hacking on the iPhone begins, all on the sly until the eagerly awaited SDK hits in February. [Pocket Lint]

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