Intra-Body Communication: Use Your Body to Download Data

kddi.jpgImagine being able to download a movie or album to your media player by simply touching a promotional poster or exchanging contact information with a potential client via a handshake. KDDI's new Intra-Body Communication technology could make this a reality by using the human body as a conduit to transmit high-volume data. In the image above, the video is being transmitted from the girl's hand, through her body to the glasses, and out to the monitor.

In a hands-on with the system, the team at CScout Japan noted that the setup was easy to use and they were surprised at the quality of data. Naturally, this technology is not quite ready for prime time, but if further tests prove successful, it may pop up in a strip joint near you sometime in the not too distant future. Think of the possibilities. [CScoutJapan]

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