Internode announces Naked DSL trial: applications wanted

internode.jpgWant naked DSL now, now, NOW? Okay, you can't order it today, but you can apply to Internode to be a part of their trial. You'll have to wear your own costs to disconnect, etc, from any current services, but Internode has put their trial participant price at $40 per month - that's ADSL2+ with nothing else to pay because you no longer need a voice line. Phase one of the trial is in Adelaide (home of Internode), followed by Internode-enabled exchanges nationally. They aim to launch the full service, Internode Ultra, in Q1 2008.

Read on to see if this trial is going to meet your needs.

Internode is particularly keen to hear from people who have been rejected by Telstra. Simon Hacket, Internode MD, says "we want this trial to prove that Naked DSL allows us to bypass Telstra's artificial distance limitation, which is imposed on all 'line sharing' based ADSL2+ services. By providing greater reach for current ADSL2+ services, Naked DSL has the potential to fill in many metropolitan blackspots".

Also, trial really means trial. "Test services can fail in new and interesting ways, that being the point of a trial," says Hacket. "We advise people not to apply, or to plan to acquire a second line for the trial, if the ADSL service on their primary line is mission-critical."

Anything else? Yep. For the trial you also need a Billion 740x series router that includes NodePhone2 compatible voice hardware.

If these provisos don't scare you off, apply to [email protected] with your name and contact details. Briefly describe your current net situation, including any stories of rejections or problems.

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