Intel Penryn Arrives In 16 Flavors for Desktops and Servers

penrynarrive.jpgThe wait's over: Penryn is here, as promised, in 16 flavors. On the high-end desktop front is the no-stranger-to-us 3GHz quad-core Core 2 Extreme QX9650 (seen on Lenovo's newest Thinkstations) which runs a not-so-low-power $1000 in bulk (1000 chips or more).

We've also got 12 quad-core Xeons ranging from 2 to 3.2GHz with 1333Mhz or 1600MHz frontside bus options, as well as a triplet of dual-core Xeons that run up to 3.4GHz, but with half the L2 cache (6MB) of the other Penryns. The dual-cores also have a 30-day wait.

The cheapest Penryn you can score appears to be the $177 1.86GHz dual-core E5205 Xeon with a 1066MHz FSB. Quad-core wise, it'd be a 2.0 GHz E5405 Xeon for $209. All of those prices are given in bulk, too. So, race ya to Newegg? [Intel]

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