InFocus IN1 Portable Gaming Projector Flips Images To Ceilings

in1_4.jpegInfocus just released this Play Big IN1 Gaming projector, which is remarkable for it's lowish res 640 by 480 pixel count, $549 price point, yet decent 1500:1 contrast ratio and awesome capability to flip images from wall to ceiling by means of mirror.

To me, that last feature says that gaming is sooooo hard sitting on your couch, you'd better lie flat on your back, brain settling into the back of your skull while thumbing a joypad. DLP, takes up to 1080i signals via component (before squishing them to fore mentioned VGA), there's no zoom, an the max image size is 8 feet across kitty corner. Good for the kids, but not quite powerful enough for the high def gamers. [Infocus]

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