iConcepts iPod Dock Means Your iPod Won't Get Wet When You Do

P02271107GI.jpgShower time just is not the same without your tunes to kickback with. Thanks to iConcepts Shower Radio, you can take your iPod into your watery hub in full confidence it won't be getting wet. The iPod enclosure is fully waterproof, and if you get bored of your melancholy iPod mix, spruce things up with the integrated radio. Retailing at $39.99, there have been cheaper white plastic eggs in the past, but none of them could keep your iPod dry and boom out the radio. If you care for your iPod so, grab it a shower cocoon, it will love you for it...back to purchasing love, eh? Hey, it's your life, lead it as you choose. We're saying nothing. [Ubergizmo]

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