IBM Files Patent for DVD Commercials

100spindle.jpgFiling way back in February of 2006, IBM sought to patent a model for a dynamically updated, commercial-laden DVD. Essentially, the DVD would be coded to stick commercials in at certain points on the disc, which, depending upon one's reading of the documents, would probably not be skippable. (The commercial content itself could either be accessed from the DVD or downloaded from an online source.) And the whole concept is scary as all hell to us, even though IBM points out its potential use as offering a cheaper alternative to DVD. Here's the abstract:

A method wherein contents of DVDs may be restricted based upon purchased certificates is provided. The certificates allow for secured information on playback. Specifically, whenever a DVD is to be played, a certificate is consulted to determine whether the content of the DVD should be played with or without commercial interruptions. If the certificates provide for commercial interruptions, then commercials can be obtained from an online service that renders commercials on demand, or from the DVD itself. In such a case, the content of the DVD may be interspersed with commercials.

Good luck selling consumers on this one, IBM. Cheap DVDs or not, the public has grown tired of commercials. You know, because of technologies like DVD. [patent via zatznotfunny][image]

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