HP MediaSmart Server Arrives Looking Hunky... Yet Chunky (Gallery)

HP_MediaSmart_Server_Handson.jpgAfter a very long wait, the FedEx man has finally delivered the HP MediaSmart Server. Chen gave you a look at a Windows Home Server last week, so you got a feel for the basic software package. Now we're taking it to the consumer level: HP's is the first fully configured official WHS product out of the gate.


Ours arrived with 1TB of storage, broken down into two 500GB Seagate drives—this would be the EX475 version that lists for $750. As you can see, there are still two more bays, plus 3 USBs and an eSATA port on the back. (And another USB jack on the face of it.)

Already, the sucker was surprisingly heavy, weighing in at an even 13lbs. It feels nice and sturdy though, and we're interested to see how quiet those two fans are. Spec requires them to be south of 30dB, so we shouldn't really notice them at all.

There wasn't much else in the package—just a power cord, an Ethernet cable and a lot of Windows-only software. By the end of the day, we will have a video of the set-up experience, courtesy of me and Benny. In the meantime, enjoy those pics. [HP]

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