HP Launches Touchscreen Troika for Holidays

hpnewness.jpgHP's rolling out a trio of touchscreen-y goods for the holidays, in addition to the iPAQ 310 Travel Companion we saw almost two months ago: a new TouchSmart PC, digital camera and photo center. First up, the $299 HP Photosmart R937 Digital Camera shoots at 8MP with a 3x optical zoom and has a 3.6-inch touchscreen display with a virtual keyboard that'll let you add captions and tags. Its buddy station, the $249 HP Photosmart A826 Home Photo Center sports a 7-inch touchscreen display, "the largest of any home photo printer," which allows you to graffiti your pics or slap a mustache on your mum before printing, in addition to all of the usual photo printer bells and whistles.

Last but not least (I think), the TouchSmart PC gets a bump in specs vs. the last model, outfitted with a 1.9GHz AMD Turion 64 X2 Dual-Core TL-58, 500GB HDD, NTSC TV tuner for recording live TV, LightScribe DVD burner, 8-in-1 card reader, and its namesake 19-inch touchscreen. All in all, nothing mind-blowing or groundbreaking, but not too shabby if you're looking for stocking stuffers. [HP, HP, HP via I4U]

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