How to Revive Your Busted Rock Band Guitar to Keep Jamming This Weekend

fixstrum.jpgIf you're one of the unlucky souls cursed with a bum strum button on their Rock Band guitar, you might not have to send it back to EA just yet. Ben Sones over at Quarter to Three got a gimped guitar and tore it apart to try to fix it himself. Apparently, the issue's actually pretty minor: One of the strummer's microswitches has just rotated out of alignment. A quick adjustment to the screw holding it in place and you're ready to roll. The disturbing part is the uncertainty over whether it's a production issue or a design flaw.

If it's the former, the DIY fix—which Ben lays out in detail—should hold, leaving you time to pick up Joel's five accessories for optimum rockage. And correcting it at the factory's not a big deal. If it's the latter, you could wind up strumming "acoustically" again. Worse, fixing a design flaw would probably cause delays in production if they have to shift over to pumping out redesigned controllers, and Rock Band's not exactly easy to come by as it is.

On the bright side, you shouldn't have to worry about any of the other plastic instruments strung all over your living room. And you can always use your GHII controller in the meantime. [Quarter to Three via BBG]

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