Hop1883 Entry Level GPS Phone is Like Lindsay

LindsayGPSGI.jpgThe great guys over at Navigadget just heard word of an entry level phone with GPS functionality. The new cellphone, called the Hop1883, will be offered by Hop-On Wireless, and has the classic candy bar form factor. Beyond being cheap and not bad looking (like Lindsay Lohan), the Hop1883 will be tri-band 900/1800/1900 MHz, with a 240 x 320 QVGA screen, 2MP camera and will have a SiRF Star III GPS receiver chip. The GPS receiver will help you keep tabs on your dog if you attach it to his collar, but that would be stupid, as dogs can't use phones and can be tracked by other means. The availability of GPS enabled mobile phones is set to quadruple by 2011, according to a report by iSupply, and if this product is any indication of things to come, the assertion seems to have some fathomable gravitas. The device is currently entering production status, but there is no official word on a release as yet. [Navigadget, InformationWeek]

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