Honda FCX Clarity Hydrogen Car Tested (Verdict: Star Trek)

clarity2.jpgOur brothers from another mother(s) over at Jalonik got to test drive the Honda FCX Clarity, a hydrogen fuel cell car from Honda that gets the equivalent of 68mpg in a conversion metric that (we'll be honest here) confounds us since the car uses no gas at all. So what was Jalopnik's verdict?

At one point we even found ourselves behind a Ford Escape Hybrid with a licence plate that read, "NO HUMMR." I was reminded of Star Trek IV...

Oh...this is gonna be good.

...when Kirk and the boyz warp back to the year 1986 and Bones finds a woman hooked up to a kidney dialysis machine. He feeds her some pills made from super futuristic technology, unhooks her from the apparatus and declares the then contemporary state of medicine, "Barbaric." All around us people were driving vehicles that in their minds are atop the environmental food chain. Yet they're still emitting loads of dirty old carbon dioxide (and whatever else) into the atmosphere derived from a tank full of Middle Eastern crude. Meanwhile we're zooming past all of 'em, dripping only water while nestled comfortably behind the wheel of the future.

Wow, when the diesel-lovers at Jalopnik are impressed, we're impressed. it's just too bad that only 100 will be driving around in the LA area, leased for $600/month.

Here's Honda's latest commercial that just makes us love the care more.


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