Heated Insoles Probably Won't Char Your Feet

GrizuFootbed.JPGFor those interested in having warm feet and tempting fate by walking on top of two rechargeable lithium batteries, Scarpa has announced a new insole (or "footbed," as they seem to be calling them these days) designed especially for you. The Grizu footbeds have a temperature sensor that keeps things inside your shoe a toasty 38° C, but they also include a remote control to adjust the temperature to personal preference.They're made for outdoorsy types, so the circuitry has a fail-safe to keep it from exploding if you happen to, say, wade through a stream on your hike. This almost definitely won't happen to them. The Grizus are scheduled to be available for ~$300 this winter. Make sure the shoes you're putting them in have removable insoles. [Scarpa via Trail Gear Blog]

- Josh Ziegler

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