Hands On the Asus P527 Windows Mobile Smartphone

ASUS_P527_Smartphone.jpgWe just got our hands on the the Asus P527 we told you about a month ago. We confirmed that it does indeed have GPS, Windows Mobile 6 (shown here in, yes, English!) Wi-Fi and at least EDGE. (We will soon know if it has HSDPA, but don't hold your breath.) Asus will sell it unlocked through its website and retail channels starting in first quarter of next year. Price has not been announced. It won't be marketed through a carrier, but will obviously work with both AT&T and T-Mobile SIMs. The only weird trait is the absence of a QWERTY keypad. It's got a standard number pad with alphabetical letters over the keys. That's a touchscreen if you want to enter text QWERTY style, but frankly there doesn't appear to be any good way to type. I took some pics with it next to a Treo, for a mini Sizemodo. More news as we get it...


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