GroundSurf Electric Skateboard, Controlled by a Bluetooth Phone

surfboard_bluetooth.jpgGroundSurf is a three-wheeled skateboard with an unusual twist: You can control it with a Bluetooth phone. It's driven by an electric motor between the two front wheels, and you can either remotely control its speed with your Bluetooth phone or lean forward to accelerate, backward to slow down or brake. But its designers, Paris-based company Ratleads, say it's not a skateboard at all, but a surfboard.

One of the inventors of GroundSurf, Stephane Pelletier, says GroundSurf gives you "that surf feeling," but on the ground. He explained, "It's been tested and developed with professional surfers. The back is a very specific truck that moves in different dimensional ways. Compared to a skateboard, it's not moving the same way at all. You really have to try it to believe it."

The GroundSurf will first roll out in 2008, distributed by California surf brand Gordon & Smith for retail price of between $1770 in $2040. [GroundSurf, via BlueTomorrow]

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