Gold and Diamond-Encrusted MP3 Player for Dogs Reaches New Depth of Absurdity

dog_mp3player.jpgThe business of ripping off people with more money than brains has just reached a new low. Innobitz tugs at the heartstrings of pet owners with JooZoo, an MP3 player for dogs that's so spangled with genuine diamonds and 18 karat gold that it costs an astronomical $2000. Thank goodness there are no headphones, which would probably drive a dog nuts. Instead, there's a speaker that plays automatically triggered sounds that correspond to "various behaviors," supposedly calming down the unfortunate dog encumbered by such a device. We would suggest further torturing the poor thing with recordings of choice sayings such as "Want to go out?" "Let's go in the car!" "Time to eat" "We're taking you to the vet" and a loop repeating the dog's name. [AVing]


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