GizMoBro - the final update!

It's the end of Movember, so I thought I'd wrap my '70s cop style mo' with a bit of a cop show adventure. Thanks to all those who have given some dough in the name of prostate cancer and depression. To the tens of thousands of you who haven't given a cent? Go fuck yourselves!

Actually, you still have time to avoid such a fate. Please, give a buck if you can!

Hit the Movember site and put in the rego ID 126828. C'mon, even my little boy grew a mo' (see the video above), and that took a lot of effort (okay, a little mascara) for someone so young.

It's been an experience. Nice to have the fun photos, but I'm more than happy to see this thing go. How the rest of you do? Here's a few links back to the month that was.

Day 01
Day 06
Day 12
Day 20

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