Gibson Intros "World's First Robotic Guitar": Tuning May Be a Thing of the Past

gibson1.JPGWe posted a video of the Robot Guitar in action early last month, but now we have some sexy pics and some release date info for guitarists the world over to get excited about. In case you haven't heard, the Robot Guitar can tune itself with a simple push of a button. Servos in the headstock can tune the guitar to one of seven presets; with default being A440, and the remaining six being based on hit songs. The guitar can also be tuned manually via a knob located on the body that doubles as a volume controller.


Unfortunately, the first run of the guitar will be limited to 4000 instruments (10 units in 400 stores); and I have no doubt that when the price is finally announced, it will be far out of the range of your average garage band. Still, if you would like to take a shot at picking one up, December 7th is the day to remember. [Gibson via Electronista]

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