Get Your Next PC for $39.95, Right Here

ibmnetvista07.jpgWTF? It's a $39.95 PC. Could this be the machine to beat the $200 OLPC at its own game? It's billed as a "cheap desktop computer," and then gets worse from there. First of all, it's a refurbished IBM PC from the late 20th century, probably occupying many a junk heap by now and maybe even some museums. Its shipping and handling costs $24.95. It has a Pentium III running at 933MHz. Oh, and it doesn't include an operating system, just a Windows 2000 COA (Certificate Of Authenticity). We can go on, but let's don't. Our conclusion? It's way overpriced at $64.90. So line up, suckas. [HCDI Trading]

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