Geek Couture: PS2 Inspired Bling Edition

P05251107GI.jpgEven the jewellers at Tiffany's would be impressed by the mix of precious stones and metals thrown into this PS2 controller neck pendant. The ridiculously geeky piece is constructed from 18k white gold, with 68.34ct of black diamonds lining the controller's surface. We were not so sure you could get 68.34ct of diamonds all in one place without owning a bank, but apparently we were wrong. Still, we are guessing the price is a little over the usual you would pay for a standard Playstation controller.

Unfortunately, we do not know what the price paid was, but we are sure the rapper, Just Blaze, saved up for weeks to be able to afford the Playstation inspired bling. Now, if a neck pendant fashioned like a diamond clad PS2 controller does not earn him some serious rapper credibility, there is something wrong with the world.

There you have it; crime doesn't pay, rapping does. Perhaps we should start a Gizmodo rapper clan, all we would need is a rival clan to aim our witty slurs at...who could that be? [BGR]

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