Fujitsu Lightens Up With 4-Lb. 14-Inch LifeBook S6510 Lappie (and Slightly Larger S7210)

Fujitsu_LifeBook_S6510_S7210.jpgFujitsu takes some poundage off your shoulder with its latest 14-inch LifeBook S6510 notebook, weighing in at a mere 4 lbs, and measuring just 1.42" at its thickest. Under the hood, the compact S6510 has a Intel Core Duo 2 processor, an LED backlit WXGA display, a webcam and fingerprint scanner. Fujitsu also released another 14-incher, the LifeBook S7210, though this one didn't skip dessert: At 1.2 lbs. heavier, it's more in line with other notebooks of its size. The specs are similar except that the S7210 adds a dedicated smart-card slot. Both laptops are currently available; the S6510 retails at $1,530, while its more rotund sib costs $1,330. Guess you're not paying by the pound. [Fujitsu]

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