Flight Sim Indulgences: Hotseat vs. Dream Flyer

flight-motion-simulator-dreamflyer—20071121022308194.jpegIn the spirit of the man who replicated a $30k jumbo jet cockpit simulator in his bedroom, these premium flight sim chairs have hit the net. The Hotseat 723 has a yoke for non-combat jets, a 23-inch HDTV, speakers near the floor, pedals and a keyboard rest for about $5k. The Dreamflyer has a stick, 15-degrees of seat movement powered by your lean (not motors/hydraulics), and full high end Saitek throttle/pedal controllers and triple monitor mounts. $US3400, without any electronics save the Saitek kit. The stick and the monitor mounts do it for me, so that would be my pick. If I was a flight sim nerd. Anyone still into PC flight sims care to explain the fascination to me? [Hotseat via OhGizmo, DreamFlyer via Gerry Block's Mohawk ]

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