First Video of the Optimus Keyboard Actually Working and Looking Awesome

First Video of the Optimus Keyboard Actually Working and Looking Awesome

We just got some hangtime with Art.Lebedev’s non-vaporous Optimus keyboard at the Wired Store in SoHo, NYC, and it is as shiny, pretty and luxuriously pointless as billed. Enjoy the video, then check out our impressions and a gallery:


Optimus_Keyboard_1.jpgAs you may know, each key is a mini OLED screen, one that can display any character you want (and even the icon of our worthy competitor). As such keys are slightly oversized, but placed together almost too closely, so that typing might get tricky.

Benny our NYC editorial assistant says the effect is subtle: it doesn’t look pixelated from an appropriate distance. That said, they don’t look like regular keys on a keyboard either, especially when a single key is showing an entire multicolored picture. Benny prefers the picture keys to the letter keys because they letters on black are almost too striking (though that surely can be fixed with a decrease in brightness). We were all disappointed that there were no animated keys. I mean, if you’re gonna put tiny screens on every key, why can’t I watch a bunch of teeny tiny movies?

Richard, our video pimp, says it feels big like it was “made for seniors” but admits his own zeal at having touched it: “I want one” is his final verdict. Wait till we tell him it costs $1,564. –Video by Richard Blakeley; photos by Nick McGlynn [Optimus Project]