Firetruck Fuses With MiG Fighter Jet

fire1.jpgTaking a cue from the Batmobile, some particularly fast-to-the-scene firefighters (or just some crazy gearheads) have stuck a 27-foot Russian MiiG fighter jet engine into a firetruck. To accomplish this feat, the (water and gas?) tanks had to be completely removed. So yeah, ironically the firetruck may get to a scene faster, but at the cost of having no way to fight the fire. Other neat fact?


It's claimed that the truck now houses the largest turbine motor of any land vehicle in the world, with the ability to blow over a full-sized SUV behind it. Note to self: never, under any circumstance, park your car behind a firetruck that can likely fly into space under its own power...unless I can sneak some sweet free leftover minutes from a public meter...then it may be worth the risk. [lifeontop via crave]

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