FCC Leaks Wolf King Gaming Keyboard, Looks Like a Turntable

wolfclaw.jpgGod bless the FCC. Today's leak, the Wolf King gaming keyboard, is apparently the successor to the Wolf Claw, though it takes more after the Wolf Claw Type III Devour, ditching the traditional keyboard layout for a dual hockey puck setup with a weird chopped and re-arranged QWERTY setup on the right puck.

In addition to the dual-fisting madman layout, the FCC manual reveals the Wolf King has seven hotkeys, 2 USB "hubs" (ports?) and blue backlighting. It's tiny, too, taking up just 14.3 x 8.4 in. on your desk. Personally, I don't really see the selling point of a gaming keyboard that looks like you're going to have retrain at least one of your hands to use—but maybe that's the whole 1337 appeal. No word on price or date yet, but it's obviously coming. [FCC via Shock Gadgets]

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