F1 Inspired Lawnmower: Yardwork Just Got a Lot Sexier

f1_lawnmower1.jpgWouldn't it be awesome if you could bust out of your garage sporting one of these F1 concept lawnmowers from Kadeg Boucher of France? You would surely be the new king of the cul-de-sac. The mower features a steering wheel with an LCD display, an F1-style front wing, full racing suspension, rear view mirrors and a spark plug with race helmet. It also comes in three styles —Schumacher/Ferrari red, white and John Player Lotus black-and-gold. Again, this mower is a concept, so don't expect to find one at the local hardware store. Too bad, because I know a lot of hardcore suburbanites who would pay a lot of good money for one of these.


[CG Forums via Autoblog via Jalopnik]

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