Experiencing Geneva's Rich-Sounding Model M iPod System, Plus Its Big Brothers L and XL

DSC01531.jpgAt a cocktail-fueled event at the chic furniture store Design Within Reach in NYC, I got to play around with Geneva's trio of wood-cabinet iPod-dockable sound systems: the Model M, Model L and Model XL. The recently announced $US500 M is the most compact of the line, but still seemed a bit hefty compared with other iPod docks we've seen. (Maybe the company is leaving room for a Model S somewhere down the road.) The M's sleek Euro design and clean lines make it attractive, especially in glossy fire-engine red. Its seamlessly integrated CD player and under-grill LED display add to the smooth aesthetic. Compared with the Model L and the big, fat (expensive) Model XL, the M didn't have the same bass kick, but overall the sound was very rich and warm. [Geneva]

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