Steam Trek Geekily Goes Where No Man Has Gone Before

Have you heard of Steam Trek: The Moving Picture? It's the result of 14 people showing their unnatural love of both steampunk and Star Trek by making an silent movie set in 1899 about boldly going where no man has gone before. There's an engineer named Sootie, coal instead of dilithium crystals and a redshirt so obvious he wears a target on his back. My beef with the film is its lack of steampunk followthrough. Sure the USS Enterprise is wooden and looks like a cross between a galleon and a Montgolfier Brothers flying balloon, but I was hoping to see more gears and pulleys, and maybe some actual steam. We're giving you a taste—Wired has you covered if you then think you're up for the full nine minutes. Qapla'. [Gadget Lab]

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