E7 Cop Car of the Future Still Despises Batmobile

carbon-motors-e7.jpgCarbon Motors would like to begin selling this made-to-order police vehicle to your local precinct. No, it's not just a fancily painted Dodge Charger. It's a car all on its own, the E7, made specifically for cops. And since it doesn't exist yet, ex-Ford employees at Carbon Motors are prepared to brag heavily about all the sweet new features: Diesel powered with 40% better fuel economy than a standard police vehicle, the E7 will still get 0-60 in 6 seconds with a lifespan of nearly 3 times that of standard patrol vehicles. But the even more appealing advantage is its ability to shrug off bullets. Door and dashboard armour will deflect small arms fire up to 9mm. Meanwhile, cops can trace the shooters through infrared cameras that will cut through the cloak of night.

And that fancy paint job you are admiring wouldn't be paint at all, but thermoplastics that can take a lot more abuse from your area's pissed-off teenager with car keys.

Given that the E7's $20,000-$70,000 price tag could make it accessible to the masses, you might want to ditch that "herbal garden" before it's too late. Hit up Popular Mechanics for their other future cop tech. [popularmechanics]

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