Dumb Crooks Drop Clues In MySpace, Facebook, Second Life

MySpace_Cop.jpgTurns out, it's a dumb idea to post "I just killed two cops" on your MySpace page. That's what some idiot did, and learned the hard way that cops are rediscovering their home computers, and hitting MySpace, Facebook and even Second Life in search of clues.

Sure, there have always been the badge-wearing nerds at the back of the forensics lab who knew how to "Google" things and check the "e-mail" of bigger, dumber cops. But now other officers are wising up, according to an AP story. Homicide detectives and beat cops are going online and just poking around, and the dumbasses who think they won't get caught by blabbing on their public pages are, well, getting totally nailed.

In one recent example, a detective in Newark, N.J., tracked the alleged killers of three college students by mining MySpace pages maintained by the suspects and their friends. In another, pictures and prose posted online by the killer of Taylor Behl, a 17-year-old Virginia college freshman, connected him to the victim and ended up revealing where her body was stashed.

And yeah, I'm embarrassed to say that it was in my home state of Indiana that some dick actually did write "I just killed two cops" on his MySpace page. As it turns out, he was even wrong about that: one of the cops survived. I suppose he will soon think of the state prison as his "second life." [AP]

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