Drymer V0.5 Electric Bike May Make Your Face Melt

1Drymer3GI.jpgDrymer has produced a working three wheeled electric bike prototype, and the way electric bikes go, theirs looks pretty snazzy. The three wheeler, named the v0.5, boasts a motor capable of producing 250 watts, which will reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h. If your face tends to melt at such speeds, purchase with caution. Check out the gallery below:


The wheels at the front ensure a smooth ride, as they lean to support the rider during sharp turns. The bike also features a paddle assist system that allows the amount of power delivered to the motor to be user controlled, for better battery preservation. The v0.5 will be available with a cover, which will make the rider look like Einstein, or without a cover, which will make the rider look like an Avril Lavigne video extra. The dates for release are not yet finalized, but the price is expected to be a cool, €6000 ($8700). [Bornrich]

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