Do You Use Leopard's Spaces?

Leopard_Spaces_16.jpgBrian and I have been debating the merits of the Leopard feature called Spaces. Using CTRL keys, you can shift up, down, left and right, to different sets of open apps and windows, while the desktop itself remains stationary wherever you go. I have jumped in with glee, but Blam is not as sold: he thinks it does pretty much what Exposé does for him already. Here's how the debate went, but we're curious as to what you thought. Wilson: I love Spaces because I can keep all of my normal daily net stuff in one Space. Then, when I want to get to the desktop, I just go to an open space. All my windows stay put, yet I can jump around.

Blam: I use Exposé for that. I don't like Spaces because on top of multiple windows, and multiple monitors, I can't keep track of all my windows. And hitting the CTRL key or any presettable key for switching is slow.

Wilson: It seems like Spaces wasn't designed for multiple monitors. Exposé only gets you to the point of moving stuff out of the way, but Spaces means you can clear the screen, and start new work. When the new windows pop up, the old ones don't come back until you go back to the old Space.

Blam: I despise how it will switch Spaces automatically when I click on an icon for an app on the dock, but don't know how to fix it.

Wilson: I hear you. I hate how I accidentally click CTRL-arrow (instead of Option-arrow) and everything suddenly vanishes. But my brain is starting to divide itself into four equal spaces, one that I ALWAYS leave blank.

Blam: How many spaces do you use?

Wilson: Two to three.

Blam: Exposé is easier to trigger. I just move my mouse to a corner. It's faster and I can get to the desktop that way and open new apps.

Wilson: CTRL-arrow or CTRL-1 2 3 or 4 - what's so hard about that?

Blam: Moving things between Spaces is annoying. You gotta hit the main Spaces key or icon.

Wilson: Why do it then? Go to a space, open what you want, and it stays in that Space. I actually like it because you can do all of your Finder window stuff in one Space. When you have a bunch of apps open, Finder windows get second-class treatment. Here they can have a separate (but equal) Space of their own.

Blam: But what if you want to drag a file to an icon? Or another window in another Space? Pain in the ass.

Wilson: Drag a file from an open window? Just use the Dock. Another window in another space requires Fn-F8. You are right, it's a bit of a step, but no bigger than Fn-F9 or Fn-F10 (my Exposé keys). You have yours setup with a mouse, but I'm a keystroke guy. They used to call me the Stroker, I assumed because I liked keystrokes, not because I liked spending an hour in the bathroom during HS. (That was a joke.)

Blam: Hahahaha. I just am confused with Spaces, even after I gave it a good try. Exposé does enough for me.

Wilson: I only really ever used F11, "clear all." And now Spaces is much more useful for that.

Blam: Try mouse setup of Exposé, dude. It is insane, especially while dragging files.

Is Exposé insanely great? Or will Spaces take its place? Tell us what you think.

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