Dixx Putter Uses an Embedded Computer to Help Your Sorry Ass Game

dixx_training_putter.jpgLet's face it, you are no Tiger Woods —and playing his game on the Wii isn't going to do a damn thing to help. You need some serious technology to straighten out that train wreck you call a golf game. Dixx may have just such a high-tech solution with their new computer-aided training putter.

An internal navigation system tracks impact location and a micro electro mechanical system monitors the motion of the putter—data that can be used to track swing path, impact position, face angle, swing tempo and speed balance. The user can then analyse the data on an LCD screen. Given the fact that all golf gear is expensive, it should come as no surprise that the Dixx training putter will set you back some serious bucks. $US899.99 to be exact. [Product Page via TRFJ]

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