Diamond Card...Actually Made of Diamonds

high-concept-cards_48.jpgSmart Card maker GK Power has been contracted by Dubai First Bank to produce 1,000 diamond-packing credit cards for their most affluent clients. While the deal cost the bank $175,000 just in materials, we're more interested in the conversation when some guy loses his card."Shit, I think my credit card was stolen."

"That sucks, man. Call to cancel."

"I did. But my credit card was stolen! The card itself."

"Yeah. I get the concept. They'll send you a new one, no worries."

"But it was a diamond card."

"Yeah, I have a diamond card, dude. So chill the fuck out already."

"Mine was made of diamonds."

"I'm never loaning you money again." [KoreaTimes via SciFitech]

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