Desktop Evolution: Windows and Mac OS Comparison

AP08251107GI.jpgSince Windows 95 dropped, our desktops have evolved no end. Having recently had a fresh Leopard install on our Macs, we thought we would take a look back, with a side-by-side comparison of Windows and Mac operating systems. All the major releases are here, and it is interesting to see the general progression made. Jump for our ridiculously large and awesome image:WinMacOSs_ESheline_Gizmodo.jpgThe breakdown shows Windows to be making major aesthetic development around the release of Windows 2000. Mac OS took off a little later, with OS 9 looking like a gimped UI in comparison. Mac OS X saw Apple make a large step up in the graphic pants department. The eye candy at present seems pretty level between the two. Perhaps Apple has the slight edge? However, functionality is an entirely separate ball game. What do you guys make of it all? Post your views, as well as the obligatory Apple/Microsoft flame war, in the comments below. [Top image via VineetB-log]

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