Dell's New 30-Inch 3008WFP LCD Loaded With DisplayPort, Dual DVI and HDMI

dell3008wfp.jpgSucceeding the 3007WFP, Dell's latest 30-inch deskbuster LCD, the 3008WFP, packs the much-ballyhooed DisplayPort input with its visual-cortex-pleasing 2560x1600 resolution support and 10.8Gbps data rate. (Samsung was actually first out of the gate with its DisplayPort-sporting 30-incher back in July.)

The 3008WFP's more pedestrian inputs are a pair of DVI ports, HDMI, component vid, S-Video, composite, and VGA. No word on what other specs got bumped (contrast ratio, etc.) vs. its now lesser predecessor or a street date, but our eyes drip with anticipation while we look for enough stuff to plug into it. [The Inquirer Thanks, John!]

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