Dell Launches Quad-Core Precision T5400 and T7400 Workstations

dellprecision.jpgThe latest in Dell's line of Penryn-based PCs comes to us in the form of these super-beefy T5400 and T7400 Precision workstations. Both systems can hold up to two of Intel's quad-core Xeon 5200 and 5400 processors, with the T7400 topping out with the 3.2GHz chip complete with a 1.6GHz frontside bus. This is in addition to dual PCI Express 2.0 slots that can handle two Quadro FX 5600 cards with 1.5GB of memory. The base T5400 and T7400 start out at $US1,589 and $US1,839 respectively—but as always, be prepared to shell out some major bucks for a custom configuration. Both systems are available now. [Dell and Electronista]

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