Dead man walking, so Gizmodo AU is hiring!

In just a few short weeks, I'll be leaving Gizmodo. It's not you, it's me. I've been made one of those "offers you can't refuse", and so - for now - my blogging days are in their death throws. I'm going to run the online side of things for the new Time Out Sydney (yes, the site needs a lot of work - that's why I'm going there), the local branch of the world's greatest entertainment listings magazine.

So let's make Movember a party to remember! I'm proud of what we've built here so far (we includes you reader folk) and I know that when the next Ed takes over the helm, the company behind Giz AU is set to give them the extra resources they need to turn things up to eleven. More local content will certainly be on the way.

I'll be finishing just before the end of the month, though I'll keep my mug around long enough to see the outcome of my efforts on the mo frontier. If anyone's interested, maybe we'll organise a reader meetup here in Sydney as a farewell / welcome bash as part of handing over the conch to whoever comes next.

Speaking of... if you think you cut the mustard as a potential local Editor, email chris +at+ alluremedia +dot+ com +dot+ au and tell him why you've got what it takes.

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