Daft Punk Bearbricks: Musicians and Robots and Bears...Oh My!

2061218995_2b80f52f98.jpgToysREvil has the scoop on a limited edition pair of Daft Punk Bearbricks, meant to coincide with the release of Daft Punk's Alive 2007 CD. Medicom will release 3000 of these toys on December 5, package them with a copy of the CD and sell it for 5250 Yen ($A55), presumably in Japan. The Bearbricks also come housed in a pyramid, not unlike the one Daft Punk used for their epic live shows. The set as a whole looks pretty sweet, but I think I like the earlier Daft Punk/Medicom collaborations better...and now I sound like an obsessive DP fanboy. [Medicom via ToysREvil]

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