Cowon Q5W Media Player Ships, Wise to Most Codecs

cowon_pmp_front.jpgWe've been hearing rumblings about its imminent release for a few weeks, and now it's here: The Cowon Q5W is shipping in the US, and the company's released new details about this Wi-Fi-enabled portable media player with its 5-inch 800x400 touchscreen. Most impressive are the codecs this .79-inch-thick baby will handle, including the pirates' favourites XviD and DivX, the open-source Ogg, and even a favourite audio codec of those with golden ears, flac, along with all the other usual suspects. It's got a tiny remote control, and hey, it even has a Flash player on board. Looks like it might be worth its $US550 price of admission for the 40GB model, or $US600 for the 60-gig. We just don't think we would name anything that's portable starting off with the word "cow". [Cowon America]


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