Comcast Kerplowed With Class Action Suit for P2P Blockage

comcastcrabs.jpgThe fat lot of nothing done about Comcast's alleged-but-shiftily denied P2P blockage has been kicked over by a hot plate of lawsuit action. Filed by Comcast customer John Hart in the most consumer-friendly state around, it hits them for "breach of contract, breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, and violating the California Consumer Legal Remedies Act." That's all legal speak for "Comcast is a lying liar and they suck a lot for misrepresenting their services."

Comcast maintains it only "delays" traffic and is "not blocking anything," swearing stuff will get to where it's going eventually—traffic shaping, which a lot of ISPs do. But according to the AP and EFF, they're actually forging packets telling both ends of a connection the other side doesn't want to play, killing it like innocent children on a playground.

Hart's seeking class-action status for the suit, disclosure of traffic shaping—or blockage, as it were—in ads and a ban on blocking applications. All reasonable, though if goes class action and prevails, it won't probably won't look so reasonable to Comcast's coffers. [Ars Technica, Flickr]

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