Clear DS Lite Cases Show Off Your DS's Innards With Style

ghost-case-DS-LITE.jpgIf you want a fancier DS Lite case but don't want to buy a new one branded with Zelda or Nintendogs, you can pick up one of these Ghost Cases and mod it yourself. For $20 you have your pick of a number of transparent colors, allowing the guts of your DS to be seen while you play Phantom Hourglass or Brain Age 6 or whatever hot game is out right now. [Product Page]

ghost-case-DS-LITE.jpgDS LITE GHOST CASE - back.jpgDS LITE GHOST CASE - black.jpgDS LITE GHOST CASE - blue.jpgDS LITE GHOST CASE - green.jpgDS LITE GHOST CASE - green_1.jpgDS LITE GHOST CASE - pink.jpgDS LITE GHOST CASE - montage.jpg

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