Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix DVD’s Portable Video Copy Locked Down Like Die Hard

<cite>Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix</cite> DVD’s Portable Video Copy Locked Down Like <cite>Die Hard</cite>

diehardpotter.jpgBoth Fox’s Live Free or Die Hard and Warner’s Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix come with digital copies of the flicks for your computer and portable media device. PC World’s reporting that Order‘s DRM will be very similar to Die Hard‘s except that it transfers to “your PC hard drive first and then moves to your portable unit.” It’ll work with “any device that supports Windows Media digital rights management.” Die Hard‘s also PlaysForSure, meaning it totally doesn’t play for sure on your gear.Warner has also yet to determine what’ll happen if your digital copy gets wiped off your hard drive. With Fox, you get a single phoenix down code to revive it if disaster or life strikes, and that’s it. Forever. On the more positive side for Fox, the PC version of Die Hard runs along at 1.6Mbps, with the portable running 768 kbps. This tops Warner’s 1Mbps and 700kbps, respectively, for Potter.

Both studios are planning to expand the program, with the execs PC World talked pretty pleased with themselves for offering customers more choices. Fox’s exec VP of technology strategy, Danny Kaye, says that they “have full confidence that it will be very appealing [to consumers]and [they] ‘ll be doing it again and again.”

Hopefully part of that expansion will be into other platforms and players, since right now that fancy new choice doesn’t exist for millions of iPod and Zune owners. And though we’re not holding our breath on them dropping DRM, entering a 16-digit code every time I wanna copy a movie is thoroughly annoying—it’s like installing a game on my PC, but without the replay value. [PC World via paidContent]